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Dr. Tara Haskins

Tara oversees partnerships to support AgriSafe’s Total Farmer Health initiative. She is also responsible for AgriSafe’s mental health programming. Tara contributes to curriculum design and implements new Total Farmer Health training that optimizes and expands upon existing programs. She collaborates with organizations and government agencies that are interested in using the Total Farmer Health model as a public health framework.


Shehas worked in healthcare as a registered nurse for 34 years. Besides over twenty years of bedside nursing, Tara has clinical experience in crisis intervention, substance use outpatient treatment, nursing education, and rural school-based telehealth. She is a National Rural Health Association Fellow, AgriSafe Nurse Scholar, and an Edmond J. Safra Nurse Scholar from the Parkinson Foundation.

Optimizing Female Producer Health with a Focus on Mental Wellbeing

8/18/2022  11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. EST
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