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Gardening can be a fulfilling, relaxing hobby for almost everyone. Although, the tools, movements, postures and positions can make it difficult and painful. This kit features ergonomically designed tools, a pad for kneeling and useful guides for gardening with Arthritis. Although, all users may not have arthritis, the practices in the guide can still be useful to prevent pain from fatigue and repetitive motions.


The Easi Grip cultivators use a unique handle design that keeps the user’s hand, wrist and forearm in a neutral position while in use. While in use, it lessons fatigue, increases grip strength, and improves control of the tool. As well, the Fiskars PowerGear2 pruners provide the user with a more effective use of their grip strength. The rotating motion of the handle keeps it in the most powerful grasping location while squeezing the handles and the design multiplies the users leverage, making cuts easier. Also included is a durable knee pad for kneeling down while gardening. All this will come packed in a tote for carrying around the farm or garden. 

Ergonomic Tool Gift Bag

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