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Hi! I'm Jeff, Buena Fruta Farm began in 2010 with the vision of planting a very productive and beautiful food forest.

I desire the farm to be an inspiration of the amazing possibilities and joy of Regenerative Organic agriculture. It's hard work but very healthy and satisfying.

The purpose of Buena Fruta Farm is to educate and inspire Regenerative Organic agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture increases biodiversity, enriches soils, and causes an overall increase in the ecosystem and in the production of very delicious nutrient dense food.


Cacao (Chocolate) is the main crop grown here. There are smaller amounts of 77 kinds of fruits and nuts, many are rare fruits. Also Turmeric, Moringa, and great diversity of other plants and flowers.
A "botanical garden" farm!


Cacao is very good for the environment. The trees form a canopy to shade the ground and they drop a lot of leaves. This helps prevent erosion and keeps the soil moist and with a constant supply of composting organic matter.


Buena Fruta Farm products are based on the desire to provide the best nutritional and medicinal properties possible from what the amazing earth has to offer! 


Cacao Toothpaste & Coconut Oil Toothpaste Combo

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