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"Smells like home..."

Have you ever noticed the way a smell can bring back a memory? Whether it's a  freshly baked pie or herbs from the garden, sometimes the most faint aroma can take you to another time and place. It can freshen the mind and inspire the soul. At the end of a long day, isn't it nice to have some "down time," and enjoy a beautiful scent? That's the spirit behind Family Tree Candle Company. Our candles are born out of a love for family and togetherness, and made to be at the center of the moments and memories we treasure. We understand that scent is personal and want to thank you for inviting us to share in your special moments.  


It took us years to perfect our candle recipe. What started as a Thursday night hobby in the kitchen between husband and wife in 2015, slowly grew into a passion to create a premium and health conscious product.  Each soy candle is poured, labeled and packaged by hand before it leaves our Tennessee gift shop. Made with quality conscious soy wax and cotton wicks, you can be confident our candles burn even, smooth, and clean. Our wax is a luxury grade ingredient, safe to moisturize the skin. Our aromatic scent oils are infused with essential oils, providing an even healthier scent experience in your home. We pride ourselves on offering scents to inspire, while laced with southern grace and charm. Family Tree Candle Company offers peace of mind knowing our candles are quality and health conscious for your family.

Family Tree Co Candle Assortment

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