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Linda Emanuel, BSN, RN
AgriSafe Community Health Director

Shaped by Linda’s experience as a Registered Nurse working in rural communities as well as her proprietorship of a three-generational Nebraska family farm, Linda naturally connects as an advocate and educator with agriculture producers and health care professionals.  As the Community Health Director of the AgriSafe Network, she is responsible for curriculum design and outreach for the Veteran Farmer program, Total Farmer Health Coach program, and Women’s health.


Her work is promoted on a state, regional, and national level through webinars, onsite presentations, publications as well as user-friendly resources. Her passion for supporting the total farmer health concept drives her to act as a liaison between research and practice.

Linda has a diverse background in acute care nursing, intensive care, pediatrics, home health care, and rural primary care clinics. She is an AgriSafe Nurse Scholar and a Nebraska LEAD fellow. She belongs to the American Nurses Association, Rural Nurses Organization, and Nebraska Nurses Association.  She and her husband own and operate a row crop farming operation that has welcomed back their sons and families to continue a legacy.


Ergonomic Safety for Women

11/2/2023  11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. EST
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