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Anna Anders - Anders Family Farms

We are a Hydroponic grower in Tobaccoville, NC. Anders Family Farm started very small, with Mark, Anna and their three children.  We began by growing a variety of field grown crops and potted vegetable plants, selling by word of mouth. Each year we would add an expansion of a crop or a new innovative idea.  

Before farming full time, Mark was a well driller and had water certifications.  The passion and interest in being able to be more sustainable brought us to look at hydroponics.  We took a small area of our first tiny greenhouse and built a mock hydroponic system.  As family and friends would visit they were intrigued by the set up.  We would give them some of what we were growing and ask for feedback. 

We continued to grow and expand. Through a series of phone calls and a mutual contact of another grower who was retiring we secured a place in a farmers market and took our largest leap of faith into building the greenhouse we have now.

Mark passed away in August, 2021 leaving Anna with a choice to sell the operation or follow her faith and heart with her children and resign her full time position and farm full time.  They now has expanded into 4 farmers markets, restaurants and local stores.  The farm as recently obtained its GAP certification. 

We love being able to provide our community with fresh hydroponic greens, herbs, microgreens and field grown crops.  We are Passionate about growing fresh sustainable produce for the community. There’s nothing like hearing from those you help to feed how much they love what you grow.

Hydroponic Farming - A Farmer's Panel

3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST
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